Vehicle Safety Marking DOT Certified HI-INT-180012

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9,00000 Roll/Rolls per Month
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China (Mainland)
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6 inch White Color and 6 inch Red Color
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1, 2, 3, 4 inch Width are Available
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7 Years
Conform to DOT FMVSS 108
Red White
Micro Glass Bean Technology
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Carton packing
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1-3 week


7 Years Durability
Conform to DOT FMVSS 108
Alternting 6 inch White Color and 6 inch Red Color
Weathering Resistance

V-MARK™ Reflective Material - Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6” White and 6” Red (6” x 6”) With Kiss-Cutting Line HI-INT-180012


V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 consists of a smooth, flat, transparent exterior film with retro-reflective elements embedded beneath the film so as to form a non-exposed retro-reflective optical system. It is a so called non-exposed, air-cell, micro-glass bead retro-reflective technology.

V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 are backed with pressure-sensitive adhesive and polyethylene coated paper liner. If they are applied to properly prepared surfaces, Vehicle Conspicuity Markings should provide a long time of field performance.

V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 are made strictly according to FMVSS 108, ASTM D4956



7 Years Durability

Conform to DOT FMVSS 108

Alternting 6” White Color and 6” Red Color

Weathering Resistance

High Intensity Grade Retro Reflective Performance

1” 2”, 3” 4” Width are Available

Logo Imprinting is Acceptable

Perforating is Workable

OEM Packaging


Physical Performance

V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 are certified to meet the requirements of FMVSS 108 / ASTM D4956. The following technical information should be considered typical only and should not be used for specification purposed.

Physical Property Adhesion (ASTM D4956)

Test Method: 90°C Hanging Weight

FMVSS 108 Requirements: < 2 Inch (55 mm) Movement Shrinkage (ASTM D4956)

Test Method: 9x9 Inch Panel

FMVSS 108 Requirements: < 1/8 Inch change on


Test Method: Wrap around a 1/8” mandrel @ 32°F (0°C)

FMVSS 108 Requirements: No Cracking Impact Resistance

Test Method: 100 In-Lb, 5/8 Inch Tip

FMVSS 108 Requirements: No Damage Outside Impact

Chemical Resistance

Test Method: (SAE J1967)

Test Result: Not Affected by toluene, #2 diesel fuel, gasoline (Leaded) Kerosene, TSP Detergent, Xylene, Dilute Metal Brighteners

Corrosion Resistance

Test Method: (ASTM B-117 Salt Spray)

Test Result: No Effect 1000 Hours

Minimum Application Temp. : 60°F (150°C)

High Pressure Wash

Test Method: 45° Angle, 1200 psi, 8 Inch Away

Test Result: No Peeling Off


Retroreflective Performance

V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 conforms to the photometry requirements of GRADE DOT-C2 showed in the following table when tested according to the retro reflective sheeting photometry procedure stated in FMVSS 108 Appendix G.


FMVSS 108 Retro Reflective Sheeting Photometry Requirements





0.2°-4° 250601654012530
30° 250601654012530
45° 60154010308
0.5°-4° 65154310338
30° 65154310338
45° 15410382


While use V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings enhances visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending upon actual use, exposure conditions and maintenance. Users should test reflective material to satisfy conformance to their own requirements.



Daytime Color (x,y,Y)

The chromaticity coordinates and total luminance factor of the Vehicle Conspicuity Markings conform to Table A Daytime Color Specifications Limit (see Note 1).

Color Test – Ordinary Colored Sheeting Conformance to standard chromaticity (x, y) and luminance factor (Y %) requirements shall be determined by instrumental method in accordance with ASTM E 1164 on sheeting applied to smooth aluminum test panels.

The values shall be determined on a spectrophotometer.

Computations shall be done for CIE Illuminant D65 and the 2° standard observer (see Note 2)

Table A

COLOR1234Daytime Luminance Limit


Note 1 : The four pairs of chromaticity coordinates determine the acceptable color in terms of the CIE 1931 Standard Colormetric System.

Note 2 : The instrumentally determined color values of retroreflective sheeting can vary significantly depending on the make and model of colorimetric spectrophotometer as well as the color and retro reflective optics of the sheeting.





Routine washing is recommended for maximum performance. The following cleaning methods are recommended.

• Wash with sponge, cloth or soft brush using water and detergent.

• Automatic truck/car wash or standard high-pressure hand spray:

Maximum pressure-1200 PSI/ 80 bar.

Maximum water/wash solution temperature- 140°F/ 60°C.

Minimum of 12 inches/ 30cm distance of cleaning jet(s) from markings.

Cleaning wand or jets to be at no greater angle than 45 degrees from perpendicular to the marking surface.

• When using metal brighteners, follow manufacturer’s recommendations for dilution.

Thoroughly rinse from markings after soaking vehicle.



• Cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

• Temperature 65-75°F (18-24°C) humidity 30-50%.

• Store rolls horizontally, in carton or in original packaging.


Shelf Life

• Apply V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 within two years of receipt of material.

General Performance Considerations

V-MARK™ Reflective Material – Vehicle Conspicuity Markings 6”x6 # HI-INT-180012 will provide maximum durability when:

• Recommended procedures are followed.

• Marking is applied to vertical surfaces.

Actual durability will be based on actual customer use, field testing, exterior exposed testing and artificial weathering testing.

Durability can be reduced if recommended techniques are not followed:

• Failure to cut markings around rivets, seams and body are panels.

• Improper use of high pressure cleaning.

• Spillage of chemicals or solvents.

• Improper application or surface preparation.


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