Reflective Trasfer Iron on Film TF-HW254000

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US $10-26 / Roll | 100 Roll/Rolls (Min. Order)
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5,000 Roll/Rolls per Week
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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Micro Glass Bead
EN 471 Level2 ,ANSI 107-2010 Level 2
Standard Size:
Heat-activated adhesive
Iron on Garments
Monthly output:
20,000 rolls
Fire resistence:
Industrial wash:
Home wash:
25 cycles at 60℃/140°F,ISO6330
Dry clean:
25 cycle,ISO3175
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Hot Film
Reflect at all angles
Meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Level 2
Meet EN ISO20471

Reflective Material – Grey Reflective Transfer Film TF-HW254000


Product Design

V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Transfer Film TF-HW254000 consists of exposed high performance glass lenses bonded to a durable polymer layer, which is coated with a heat activated adhesive.

V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Transfer Film TF-HW254000 comes with a PET protective film on the reflective side.


Product Features

! Transfer in low temperature 130 °C (270 °F)

! EN ISO 20471 approved

! ANSI-ISAE 107 level 2

! Workable on wide range of substrate fabrics, polyester, cotton, lycra, etc.

! 25 home washing cycles at 40 °C per ISO 6330 (Properly transfer to backing fabric)

! Daytime color: Grey

! Max. Width: 1200 mm

! Retro Reflective Technology: Micro glass bead, Non-oriental sensitive.


Retro Reflectivity

V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Transfer Film TF-HW254000 exceeds the minimum reflectivity requirements of EN ISO 20471, ANSI-ISAE 107 Level 2, when tested at e = 0° or e = 90° in accordance with the procedures stated on standards. Minimum coefficients of retro-reflection required by standards are shown as below table.

Coefficient of Retro-reflection * (R’ or RA) cd/lux/m2

Observation Angle

Entrance Angle (β1, β2=0)

























Measured on new product at +5.0° entrance and 0.2° observation angles, V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Transfer Film TF-HW254000 typical has retro reflective performance as below table.

Product Code

Daytime color

Initial Average  RA

Minimum RA






Physical Performance

V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Transfer Film TF-HW254000 will meet or exceed the following physical performance as noted. All RA values are at +5° entrance angle and 0.2° observation angle. 

Physical Performance

Test Method

Retro Reflectivity : (Initial)

EN ISO 20471

ANSI/ISEA   107-2010 Level 2

Abrasion : RA ≥ 100

5000  Cycles (EN 530 Method 2)

Flexing : RA ≥ 100

7500  Cycles (ISO 7854 Method A) 

Cold Fold: RA ≥ 100

-20 °C (-4 °F)( ISO 4675)

Temperature Cycle : RA ≥ 100

12 hours @ 50 °C (122 °F);

20 hours @ -30 °C (-22 °F)

Home Wash : RA ≥ 100

50 cycles @ 60 °C (140 °F)( ISO 6330)

Dry-Cleaning : RA ≥ 100

ISO 3175-2

Cutting and Plotting -

Die-cutting is recommended, although it can also be hand-cut or guillotined. When apply

V-REFLEX Reflective Material – Transfer Film to plotter for images cutting, remove adhesive side liner (if that product has one), the protective PET film on the surface of reflective side should be used as the carrier until plotted images are applying (laminating) to target substrate.

REMARK: Choose the recommended V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Transfer Film for plotter cutting. TF-HW254000 is NOT recommended for plotter cutting.


Printing -

Images may be printed on the surface of some V-REFLEX Reflective Material – Transfer Film. All inks should be continuously tested to ensure acceptable adhesion in the event of change occurring in the manufacturing process or composition of the ink. Prior to printing, wiping the surface with a soft cloth lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol may help ink adhesion. Printed are as will not be retro reflective.


Heat Lamination

Product Code

Adhesive Side Liner

Reflective Side Liner

Lamination Temperature

Dwell Time


Line Pressure



PET Film

130-150 °C

(270-300 °F)



(30-40 psi)


1- Work on a flat surface where uniform heat and pressure can be applied. Avoid applying film over seams and stitches.

2- Remove adhesive side line (if that product has one), exposing dry adhesive. Do not remove reflective side liner.

3- Place V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Transfer Film on substrate with the adhesive side down and apply heat and pressure as described in the table below. Place a non-stick slip sheet between the platen and laminating surface to prevent any excess adhesive transfer contamination.

4- Allow application to cool to room temperature before removing the liner covering the reflective side (if that product has one). Place application on a flat surface and remove the liner by lifting one corner and pulling (about 45o angle) in a continuous, smooth manner.


Handling Precautions

1- V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Transfer Film contain an aluminum layer as part of their construction. Blemishing of this aluminum layer can occur if the PET film carrier is removed and the front surface of the product has direct contact from hands during application and is then exposed to hot and humid conditions, greater than 26.7 °C (80 °F) and greater than 70% relative humidity, for a period of weeks. These blemishes do not affect performance of the product.

2- V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Transfer Film may not be compatible with some polyvinyl chloride (PVC, vinyl) film, especially those containing phosphate plasticizers. It is possible that some plasticizers may be able to migrate into the reflective material, making the reflective surface soft and sticky. We recommend that substrates always tested prior to production to ensure that they meet your specific needs.

3- Fabric finished with dyes containing sulfur compounds should not be used with V-REFLEX Reflective Material - Industrial Wash Transfer Film and Flame Resistant Transfer Film. Exposure to sulfur compounds in dyes or in the environment will darken the retro-reflective material and may effect retro-reflectivity.


Washing Conditions


A colored clothing wash program without pre-wash should be used.


• Wash temperature range: 0°C to 30°C  

• Max. Wash time at highest wash temperature: 12 minutes

• Max. Program time: 50 minutes


Do not use additional bleach

• No chlorine bleach.

• No bleaches on oxygen basis (e.g. sodium perborate).

Do not pre-soak laundry even in a low concentration of bleach.

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