High Reflecting Reflective Tape for Clothing, 100 Home Wash, Tape for Reflective Safety Cloth, RF-HW1006050

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US $25-35 / Roll | 200 Roll/Rolls (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
999999 Roll/Rolls per Month
Shanghai, Ningbo,Shenzhen
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Retro Reflective Technology:
Micro Glass Bead
Backing Fabric:
Daytime Color:
Metallic Silver
Retro Reflectivity:
EN ISO20471 / ANSI 107 Level 2
Home Wash (1):
100 Cycles @ 60 °C (140 °F) - ISO 6330
Home Wash (2):
50 Cycles @ 90 °C (195 °F) - ISO 6330
Dry Clean:
50 Cycles (ISO 3175)
Good for clothing exposed to extreme cold weather
Initial Retro Reflection:
500+ cd/lux/m2
Recommended for:
High visibility clothing level 2, 3
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Carton Packing / OEM Package
Delivery Time
3-4 Weeks

Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW1006050


V-REFLEX™ Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW1006050 is composed of wide angle, exposed retro-reflective lenses bonded to a durable T/C fabric backing (65% polyester and 35% cotton).

V-REFLEX™ Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW1006050 is designed for sewing on high visibility safety clothing, protective work wear, casual wear, as well as fashion clothing. It is the best choice to use on EN ISO 20471 and ANSI 107 level 2, 3 high visibility safety clothing.

When properly used, V-REFLEX™ Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW1006050 help enhance the visibility of the wearer in nighttime or low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source such as headlights, by returning the light back toward the original source and reaching the automobile driver’s eye.


1. Features
Ø Backing Fabric: T/C
Ø Day Time Color: Silver
Ø Reflective Color: High-Intensity White
Ø Retro reflective Technology: Micro Glass Bead
Ø initial average RA > 500
Ø Retro Reflective Performance: En ISO 20471, ANSI/ISEA 107 Level 2, CAN/CSA Z96 Level 2
Ø Home Wash: 100 Cycles @60°C (140 °F), 30 Cycles @ 90°C (195 °F) per ISO 6300
Ø Dry Clean: 50 Cycles per ISO 3175



2. Reflective Performance    

 The coefficient of retro-reflection (RA in cd/lux/m2) is measured by methods traceable to either of the following retro reflective intensity testing procedures:

ASTM E809-08 and E810-03 (RA)
CIE 54.2:2001 (R’)

The coefficient of retro-reflection exceed the minimum retro-reflectivity requirements in according to EN ISO 20471 and ANSI 107 level 2 as bellow




Entrance Angle

























3. Physical Performance
V-REFLEX™ Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW1006050 meet or exceed the following specifications as noted. All RA values are over 100 cd/lux/m2 measured at +5.0o entrance angle and 0.2o observation angle after tests are carried out according to following test methods.


Retro-reflectivity (Initial)             

ANSI-ISAE 107-2010 Level 2            EN ISO 20471: 2013

Home Wash : RA > 100

100 Cycles @ 60 °C (ISO 6330)

Dry-Cleaning : RA > 100

50 Cycles (ISO 3175)

Cold Fold : RA> 100

-20o (ISO 4675)

Temperature Variation : RA> 100

50 hours @ 50 °C and 20 hours @ -30 °C

Flexing : RA > 100

7500 cycles (ISO 7854)

Abrasion : RA > 100

5000 Cycles (EN 530)

Heat Resistance 

5 minutes at 260 °C (500 °F) (ISO 17493)

Convective Heat > 100

10 minutes at 140 °C (285 °F)

Flame Resistance



4. Care Maintenance


Home Wash


Washing/cleaning conditions harsher than those recommended below could diminish the brilliance of the fabric and shorten the product’s lifetime significantly. Therefore, the instructions must be strictly followed.
• No presoaking.
• No application of high alkaline products (e.g. heavy duty products or stain removal products).
• No application of solvent detergents or micro-emulsions.
• No additional bleaches.
• Do not over-dry. Reflective material temperature should not exceed 70°C at any time during drying.

Before use, the suitability of the intended care process V-REFLEX™ Reflective Material - Silver Reflective Fabric RF-HW1006050 must be determined. Test duration should mirror the anticipated maximum number of care cycles in use.


Washing Conditions

A colored clothing wash program without pre-wash should be used.

• Wash temperature range: 0°C to 40°C 
• Max. Wash time at highest wash temperature: 12 minutes
• Max. Program time: 50 minutes
• Detergent: Brand powdered household detergents should be used. Recommended are detergents for delicate or coloured laundry. Refer to the detergent manufacturer’s recommendations for dosage in areas of high water hardness and for various degrees of garment soiling.

Wash temperatures higher than 60°C and industrial laundering processes are not recommended. The use of bleach or detergents containing organic solvent will result in a reduction in retro reflective performance.
Use of temperatures lower than 40°C will increase the lifetime of the reflective fabric. Actual lifetime will be dependent upon the detergent system and its dosage level.



Do not use additional bleach
• No chlorine bleach.
• No bleaches on oxygen basis (e.g. sodium perborate).
Do not pre-soak laundry even in a low concentration of bleach.


Drying Conditions
• Tumble Dry: Tumble drying should be performed in a commercially available household dryer using the medium dry setting.
• Exhaust temperature should not exceed 70°C.
• Do not over-dry. Damp dry only.
• Air Drying: Line drying is recommended where possible.


Ironing Conditions
• Use medium setting, use press cloth.
• Do not apply steam.


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