Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Reflective Tape Trim (50 Industrial Wash Cycles) RF-FRIW5085100-CTN

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999999 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
Shanghai, Ningbo
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
EN 471, ANSI 107
Flame Resistant:
Backing Fabric:
100% FR Treated Cotton
Daytime Color:
Reflective Color:
High-Intensity White
Industrial Wash:
50 Cycles at 85 oC Degree (ISO 15797)
Home Wash:
100 Cycles at 60 oC Degree (ISO 6330)
Retro-Reflective Technology:
Micro Glass Bead
Fire Fighter Clothing
3M 8935
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
OEM Package
Delivery Time
5 Weeks


50 Industrial Wash Cycle @ 85 oC Temperature
100% FR Cotton Treated Fabric
Meet EN 469 and NFPA Certification

Reflective Material

V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN is designed for use on flame resistant safety garments requiring industrial laundry.

When properly used, V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN help enhance the visibility of the wearer in nighttime or low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source such as headlights, by returning the light back toward the original source and reaching the automobile driver’s eye.

V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Reflective Fabric is composed of wide angle, exposed retro-reflective lenses bonded to a flame resistant, durable aramid fiber backing. Aramid is a class of heat resistant and strong synthetic fabric.

What is Aramid Fiber
Aramid fibers are man-made high-performance fibers, with molecules that are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. The term “aramid” is short for “aromatic polyamide”. Aromatic polyamides were first applied commercially as meta-aramid fibers in the early 1960s, with para-aramid fibers being developed in the 1960s and 1970s. Aramid fibers share some general characteristics that distinguish them from other synthetic fibers:
1 High strength
2 Good resistance to abrasion
3 Good resistance to organic solvents
4 Non-conductive
5 No melting point
6 Low flammability
7 Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures  

Performance according to EN 471 (High-Visibility Warning Clothing)
V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100 exceeds the highest brightness requirements (EN471 Level 2) for retro-reflective material.
• Is non-orientation sensitive.
• Offers 60°C domestic wash durability, 100 cycles per EN 471.
• Offers 90°C domestic wash durability, 25 cycles per ISO 6330 Method 1A.
• Offers industrial laundering and fi nishing durability per EN471.
• Offers good dry-cleaning durability, 100 cycles per EN 471.
• Offers enhanced abrasion and chemical resistance.

Performance according to EN 469 (Protective Clothing for Fire Fighter)  
• Complies with the performance requirements for flammability
- after 50 wash cycles in accordance to ISO 6330, 2A
- after 25 cycles in accordance to ISO 6330, 1A
- after 25 cycles in accordance to ISO 15797, method 8
• Exceeds the minimum retroreflective performance requirements of EN 471 after radiant heat at 10kw/m2 for 3 minutes and convective heat exposure at 180°C for 5 minutes.
• Offers excellent resistance to heat with high retrorefl ective performance retention after exposure to 260°C for 5 minutes, even after 50 cycles per ISO 6330, 2A.

Product Application
Retroreflective materials are important in applications where being visible can reduce the risk of an accident. Examples of hazardous situations where high-visibility garments should be worn include exposure to vehicular traffic of motorways, rural and urban roads, railway environments, airports and docks.

V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN is a highly durable flame resistant material recommended for garments that will be subjected to domestic or industrial laundry procedures.
Occupational Application Fire fighting apparel and flame resistant occupational work wear, where enhanced flame and heat resistance as well as high wear durability is required, such as fire coats, turnout coats, trousers, coveralls, jackets and uniforms.

Product Converting
V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN can be handcut, die-cut or guillotined (max. 5 cm stack height). Note: Use very sharp cutting knives only and cut from the refl ective side.
V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN can be applied directly to a fabric. It is best suited for flame resistant fabrics with a weight of 230 - 350 g/m². The reflective fabric should be sewn with a Teflon® coated brand circular top needle, using a flame retardent thread (e.g. aramid). To minimise edge fraying, sew in place using a lockstitch of 3 mm stitch length, placed at least 3 mm from the edge of the refl ective fabric. Note: Whenever two or more pieces of refl ective fabric are used together on a single surface or as a set, they should be matched to ensure uniform daytime colour appearance. Colour variations may occur during the production of new retrorefl ective material. These do not affect the performance of the V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material , which will comply to the performance requirements described in EN 471 for retrorefl ective material.

Silk Screen Printing
Due to the product construction, durable prints on glass bead products are difficult to obtain. Choice of ink will depend upon usage conditions and care procedures. User should make test applications and select the appropriate care instruction for the fi nished product to ensure adequate adhesion of the ink. It is recommended that the ink adhesion be tested on the actual batch of V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN being used before production. Opaque silk screen printing inks will appear black, transparent inks will reduce brightness when viewed as retrorefl ected light in low-light conditions.

Handling and Storage
Product Storage Store in a cool, dry area and use within 2 year of receipt. Rolls should be stored in their original cartons, while partially used rolls should be returned to their carton or suspended horizontally from the core via a rod or pipe. Cut sheets should be stored flat.

Handling and Storage Precautions
Agressive chemicals, e.g., sulphur or chlorine containing compounds, perspiration, strong acids or bases may affect the aesthetic appearance of V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material. When exposed to excessive heat and more than 70% relative humidity conditions, these products have the potential to become stained. These stains do not affect the retrorefl ective performance of the material and do not indicate that the input product was defective.

Care must be taken by the user when handling V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material in hot and humid environments. During application, storage and shipping, ambient conditions should be kept. Measures like cooling, dehumidifying the manufacturing area and specifi c handling precautions should be taken. Appropriate specific storekeeping is essential.

Product Maintenance
Reflective fabrics and films naturally age. Ageing depends upon material type, conditions of use, environment and maintenance procedures. The retro-reflective performance of all reflective materials is affected by soiling. Any kind of dirt, liquid chemicals, grease and alike will reduce brightness in the area of contamination.

Product Cleaning
Frequent care and maintenance will ensure the continued effectiveness of the reflective material. The cleaning frequency of the clothing depends on the degree of soiling expected in the working environment.
It is recommended that the garment be cleaned after every intervention. Before usage, the user shall determine the suitability of the intended care process for V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN. A test application of the finished garment should be conducted to determine the maximum number of care cycles expected for each application.

For manual cleaning, damp wipe with a soft sponge or cloth using a mild wash detergent. For stain removal of fat or mineral oil etc., use a soft, clean cloth dipped into white spirit. Wipe clean with water afterwards.

Caution: The use of other stain removers such as aromatic solvents or oxidising/corrosive substances is not recommended. Washing/cleaning conditions harsher than those recommended shorten the product’s lifetime signifi cantly.

Special Cleaning Instructions
• For application on rainwear, a regular fl uorocarbon treatment of the garment is recommended. • Chemical splashes should be removed with a soft, dry cloth. Cleaning the garment the same day is recommended.
• Splashes of strong acids or alkalis should immediately be neutralised with plenty of water.
• Contamination with toxic or poisonous substances or bio-contamination will require the application of a specifi c decontamination process.
• Application of high alkaline products, solvenated detergents, bleaches, etc. are not recommended.
• Do not over dry. The temperature of the material should not exceed 90°C at any time during drying.

Maintenance Misuse
V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN is an optical system. Coating of the fabric with material of high refractive index, such as oil, will greatly diminish reflective performance.

• No harsh mechanical treatment, e.g. abrasion with wire brushes or sand paper.

• No uniform coating or spraying of oils, protective waxes, inks or paint.

• No application of materials such as leather spray or shoe shine.  

Inspection High-visibility warning clothing should be maintained in good condition and inspected regularly for signs of damage or deterioration. Where frequent care cycles are performed, inspection should be pursued after every cleaning cycle.

Records of test results should be kept for reference. Replacement of the reflective material must be considered, if the retroreflective performance is below RA = 100 cd/lux/m² (refer to EN 471).

Product Disposal

Product can be recycled attached to the garment. The product can be incinerated in a commercial or industrial facility or disposed in a sanitary landfill. Before recycling, the compatibility shall be determined with the intended recycling process.

Specific Safety Information
Various environmental factors such as line of sight, rain, fog, smoke, dust and visual noise can influence visibility. Recognition of the wearer can also be signifi cantly reduced, if the reflective material is covered, e.g. by simultaneously wearing personal protective equipment or obstacles in the working zone.
In such instances the wearer should be aware of these limitations.
The brightness of  V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN can also be diminished in extreme weather conditions.

• Test results show, that V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN exceeds the retroreflective performance requirements in rainfall conditions as defi ned in EN 471. Initial brightness levels return as the material dries.
• Fog, mist, smoke and dust can scatter the light from headlights. Where optical density levels are high, the wearer must be aware that detection distances will be severely reduced.
• Visual noise (contrast variations in the visual fi eld) decreases the contrast of the refl ective material with the background and affects the visibility in low-light conditions.


V-REFLEXTM Reflective Material - Flame Resistant Industrial Wash Retro-Reflective Fabric RF-FRIW5085100-CTN

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