RF-HWTC8966 Black Reflective Fabric for Garment Clothing Backpack Bag V-REFLEX Black Reflective Fabric

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999999 Roll/Rolls per Month
Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen
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Polyester / Cotton, T/C Fabric
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Jacket, Shirt, Bag, Cap, Curtain, Dress, Garment, Raincoat, Shoes, Suit, Trousers
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New Product Retro Reflectivity:
50 cd/lux/m2
Daytime Color:
Max Width:
48 Inch
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Washing Cycles:
Normal Cycles, Middle Wash Temperature
Dry-Cleaning Cycles:
Normal Cycles
Glass bead technology
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Back color but reflective in dark
Various applications, T-Shirt Fashion Clothing Bag


REFLECTIVE MATERIAL Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966


V-CAN V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966 is intended to be applied on consumer garments, Police uniforms and accessories in order to enhance the visibility of the wearer during darkness and low-light conditions. The fabric will appear white, when illuminated by vehicle headlights, even when the wearer is situated at the side of the road.


1. Product Features

-Consists of exposed high performance glass lenses bonded to a high durable cloth backing (65/35 PES/CO).

-Exceeds the retrorefl ective performance minimum requirements per Italian Traffic code, white colour.

-Is non-orientation sensitive.

-Offers 60°C domestic wash durability, 50 cycles per ISO 6330, method 2A.

-Offers good dry cleaning durability, 25 cycles per ISO 3175, method 9.1.

-Offers good abrasion and chemical resistance.

-Offers good sublimation printability. 

-Manufactured within an ISO 9002 controlled manufacturing environment.


2. General Safety Information

V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966 is intended to be used for reflective parts on garments and accessories. It provides a fashionable visual effect in low-light conditions, when illuminated with a directional light source.

V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966 has been designed for fashion applications and will not provide visual protection required for typical traffic environments in low-light conditions.

3. Product Application

V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966  is a durable material for garments not suffering from harsh wear impact and being subjected to domestic wash care procedures.

-Police uniform.

-Clothing for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and children.

-Head-, arm-, leg-bands, gloves, footwear, webbing, pipings, belts, back packs, emblems and logos.


4. Application Instructions

4.1 Cutting

V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966 can be hand cut, die-cut or guillotined.

Note: Use very sharp cutting knives only and cut from the reflective side.


4.2 Sewing

V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966  can be applied directly to a fabric. It is best suited for Polyester/Cotton or Polyamide/Cotton fabrics with a weight of 150 to 200g/m².  

The reflective fabric should be sewn with a circular top needle. To minimise edge fraying, sew in place using a lockstitch of 3mm stitch length, placed at least 2.5mm from the edge of the reflective fabric.

Note: Whenever two or more pieces of refl ective fabric are used together on a single surface or as a set, they should be matched to ensure uniform day time colour appearance.


4.3 Silk Screen Printing

Due to the product construction, durable prints on glass bead products are difficult to obtain.

Choice of ink will depend upon usage condition and care procedure. User should make test applications and select the appropriate care instruction for the finished product to ensure adequate adhesion of the ink. It is recommended to test the ink adhesion on the actual batch of V-REFLEX™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966 being used before production.

Opaque silk screen printing inks will appear black and transparent inks will reduce brightness when viewed as retroreflected light under low light conditions.


4. Product Storage

The retroreflective performance of all reflective materials is affected by soiling. Any kind of dirt, liquid chemicals, grease and alike will reduce brightness in the area of contamination.

Store in a cool, dry area and use within 1 year of receipt.

Rolls should be stored in their original cartons, whilst partially used rolls should be returned to their carton or suspended horizontally from the core via a rod or pipe.

Cut sheets should be stored flat.


5. Product Cleaning

For manual cleaning, damp wipe with a soft sponge or cloth using mild wash lye.

For stain removal of fat or mineral oil etc. use a soft, clean cloth dipped into white spirit. Wipe clean with water afterwards.


The use of other stain removers such as aromatic solvents or oxidising/corrosive substances is not recommended.

Washing/cleaning conditions harsher than those recommended shorten the product’s lifetime signifi cantly.

6. Special Cleaning Instructions  

-For application on rainwear, a regular fluorocarbon treatment of the garment is recommended.

-Chemical splashes should be removed with a soft, dry cloth. Cleaning the garment the same day is recommended.

-Splashes of strong acids or bases should immediately be neutralised with plenty of water.

-Contamination with toxic or poisonous substances or biocontamination will require the application of a specific decontamination process.

-Application of high alkaline products, high pH-products, bleaches etc. are not recommended.

-Do not overdry. The temperature of the material should not exceed 70°C at any time during drying.


7. Maintenance Misuse

-No harsh mechanical treatment, e.g. abrasion with wire brushes or sand paper.

-No uniform coating or spraying of oils, protective waxes, inks or paint.

-No application of products such as leather spray or shoe shine.   


8. Specific Safety Information

Various environmental factors, like line of sight, rain, fog, smoke, dust and visual noise can influence visibility.

The brightness of V-REFLEX ™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966 can also be diminished in extreme weather conditions.

Fog, mist, smoke and dust can scatter the light from headlights, the wearer must be aware that detection distance will be severely reduced.

Visual noise (contrast variations in the visual field) decreases the contrast of the reflective material with the background and affects the visibility in low-light conditions.  


9. Care Guideline

9.1 Caution

Washing/cleaning conditions harsher than those recommended below could diminish the brilliance of the fabric and shorten the product’s lifetime signifi cantly. The following instructions therefore must be strictly followed.

No presoaking.

No application of high alkaline products (e.g. heavy duty products or stain removal products).

 No application of solvenated detergents or micro-emulsions.

No additional bleaches.

Do not overdry. Reflective fabric temperature should not exceed 70°C at any time during drying. 


9.2 Homewash Recommendation:

Wash temperature range: 0°C to 40°C

Max. wash time at highest wash temperature: 12 minutes
Max. programme time: 50 minutes


9.3 Detergent:

Brand powdered household detergents should be used. Recommended are detergents for delicate or coloured laundry.

Wash temperatures higher than 60°C and industrial laundering processes are not recommended.

The use of bleach or detergents containing organic solvent will result in a reduction in retroreflective performance.

Use of temperatures lower than 40°C will increase the lifetime of the reflective fabric. Actual lifetime will be dependent upon the detergent system and its dosage level.


9.4 Do not use additional bleach

No chlorine bleach.

Do not pre-soak laundry even in a low concentration of bleach.


9.5 Dry Cleaning 

Tumble Dry: Tumble drying should be performed in a commercially available household dryer using the medium
dry setting.

Exhaust temperature should not exceed 70°C.

Air Drying: Line drying is recommended where possible.

Max. solvent temperature:  30°C
Recommended drying temperature:  48°C
Max. inlet temperature:  80°C
Max. exhaust temperature:  60°C
Max. drying time: 15 minutes
Max. programme time: 60 minutes


9.6 Ironing

Use medium setting. Use press cloth

Do not apply steam.


REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Black Reflective Fabric RF-HWTC8966


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